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Net sales grew 12% and adjusted EBITDA at 14% in the replica gucci bag second and third quarters versus the same 2 quarters gucci outlet mall in 2011. Our performance has been gucci shopping bag driven by an array of new products and distribution wins. On the operation side, Home and Garden has been successful again this year in implementing cost improvement programs to offset commodity pressures and achieving very high level of customer service despite the weather challenges of the early season. Looking ahead, we have exciting product extensions set to launch in 2013 in the control, repellent and household categories. With the Black Flag/TAT acquisition now integrated, we expect even more contributions from these brands in 2013. Right now, I'd like to turn to Tony for a more detailed financial review.

The base model of Kindle costs $139 and comes with a 6" diagonal display, built in qwerty keyboard and 2GB memory capable of holding about 1500 ebooks. The Wi Fi allows connection to the Amazon store. The battery charge lasts about a week. Kindle 2 is the same version plus 3G, costing $189.The high end Kindle DX costs $389, and comes with additional features and functionality such as a bigger 9.7" screen, seamless support of PDF files, ability to view in either classical portrait or wider landscape mode and 4GB memory, twice as that of Kindle 2 and capable of holding about 3500 books.The biggest USP of Kindle is Amazon unmatched support.

Next time you're in a supermarket, cast an eye beyond the organic carrots and luxury ready meals. The shelves are packed with items that most of us would bet haven't been there for years. Take (and you wouldn't think many people do) Izal Medicated Toilet Tissue   that gruesome tracing paper beloved of school janitors before about 1970. When did Izal's onion skin loo paper go unlamented to the grave? The Seventies? The Eighties? Wrong: it's still on the shelves. And at 69p for 210 sheets in Sainsbury's, it's not particularly cheap.

Generation 4 technology is the most advanced form, succeeding all other generations of night vision optics available. Its capabilities are improved by the subtraction of the ion film barrier and gating the system. Its overall visibility and target detection is considerably higher and puts it at the top of the tactical night vision market. In pitch black conditions it typically reaches a distance of 200 yards or further, with considerable ambient lighting it can provide visibility of up to 1000 yards or more depending on the environment.